12 Best Scooter Tricks [An Epic And Complete Guide]

12 Best Scooter Tricks [An Epic And Complete Guide]

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When it comes to scooter tricks, there are actually a huge variety of options. So we did a deep dive, and compiled this epic guide.

Not only did we discover and rank the best scooter tricks - we also found the best scooters and accessories. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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Scooter Tricks

10 Best Scooters (And Accessories)

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    # 1

    NIU Electric Scooter
  • Why it's rad: An incredible scooter, well worth the money.
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    # 2

    Segway Ninebot
  • Why it's rad: Segways remain hugely popular.
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    # 3

    Hiboy Electric Scooter
  • Why it's rad: An incredible electric scooter, super fun to ride on.
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1. NIU Electric Scooter

If you want a great electric scooter, try this one. It’s easily our top choice, and while a little expensive - we think it’s worth the extra cash.

Many reviewers note that you can even ride this scooter to work and back every day. While there are certainly other choices out there, we think this may be the best scooter of all.

2. Segway Ninebot Max Electric Kick Scooter

The Segway is arguably the most famous name in all of scooters. This awesome electric scooter will make zooming around easy, and you’ll also be doing it in style.

While it’s definitely an investment, we think it’s well worth the money. If you’re looking for a serious scooter, that won’t break down or cause any issues - this could easily be the one for you.

3. Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter

This awesome electric scooter may not be the most inexpensive item on our list, but it’s certainly one of the best items. It offers almost every feature you could want, making it highly sought after.

It’s also backed by a ton of five star reviews, meaning anyone can feel comfortable making a purchase. Overall, a very highly recommended choice - and simply one of the best electric scooters on the market today.

4. Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter

Razor is possibly the most famous brand name in the scooter world. This awesome kick scooter shows exactly why.

The frame is made from sturdy aluminum, with soft foam grips on the handles. This scooter is also backed by a ton of great reviews, and comes in at a very affordable price point - making it highly recommended.

5. LaScoota Professional Scooter

This professional scooter has a metric ton of great reviews. We loved how it handled, and it’s also very safe.

Each ride was incredibly smooth, and we caught more than a few eyes, riding this down the street. While you can certainly spend more and opt for an electric scooter - for most people, this is a perfect choice.

6. Hurtle Scooter

This great scooter has a ton of great reviews, and is very affordable. While you can spend more, for most people this is a great choice.

We loved the features, and while this isn’t really a trick scooter per se, you can still do some basic tricks on it. Overall, very highly recommended.

7. Beleev Scooter

This awesome scooter has a ton of great reviews. While we weren’t as familiar with the brand, after some testing, we were really impressed with the results.

There is a good mix here of safety features, along with comfortable features. The extra wide deck also made riding much easier - making this scooter absolutely perfect for little kids.

8. Razor A Kick Scooter

Razor has a huge market share when it comes to the scooter market. And for good reason.

This very affordable scooter has a metric ton of great reviews, so you can confidently make a purchase. While it’s not good for riders who weigh more than 150 pounds, it’s perfect for little kids - and even teenagers.

9. Thousand Helmet

This awesome helmet can withstand pretty much anything. While it’s not a full face helmet, it will work great for most falls.

Of course, you can spend less, but we think the price tag here is definitely worth it. This helmet is also very well reviewed, so you can buy with confidence.

10. JBM Protective Gear Set

This awesome protective gear set is a true must have. It will keep you safe, no matter if you’re riding a BMX bike, skateboarding, or riding a scooter.

This set is also very affordable, and it’s very well reviewed. While you can certainly spend more, we think this is a perfect option for anyone who is looking to stay safe.

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What Is A Scooter? 

A scooter is a mode of transportation, which you’ve likely already seen. It involves a handlebar, deck, and wheels.

Of course, there are also some variations of a scooter. The electric scooter is the most common variation.

Essentially a scooter is a hybrid of a skateboard, and a bicycle. The handlebars come from the bike, while the deck and wheels are obviously influenced by the design of the skateboard.

    12 Best Scooter Tricks

    1. Fakie

    Fakie is essentially riding backwards. Perform this trick by using a small ramp of some sort, and roll backwards after going halfway up the ramp - holding your backwards motion as long as you can, before slipping back to a normal path.

    2. Tail Whip

    You may know this trick from BMX biking. Essentially, while in mid-air, you whip your deck around, doing a 360 with it, and land back on it.

    3. Bunny Hop

    The most essential trick to learn, in our opinion. A bunny hop is the scooter equivalent of an ollie - simply pop the scooter up, and grab some air.

    4. Heel Whip

    This trick is very similar to a tail whip. The technique is largely the same, but this time, use your heels to whip the scooter around.

    5. Bar Spin

    Just like it sounds - this trick is all about spinning your handlebars around. The trick is not to spin them too fast - unlike a BMX bike, they are light, and will easily spin on their own.

    6. One Hander

    You can probably guess what this trick is. You simply pop one hand off the scooter, and then put it back on - ideally while in mid-air.

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    Scooter Tricks

    7. Wheelie

    Just like the bicycle trick, this one is an absolute classic. Pop the front wheel off the ground, maintain your balance, and ride on.

    8. 180

    Just like the name implies, this is a spin trick. You will need some good air, then spin around only halfway, landing backwards.

    9. Air Trick / 360

    These are technically two different tricks - the first involves just catching massive air, and turning 180 degrees before landing, so you hit flush. The second involves spinning all the way around (rotating 360 degrees) - while in mid-air - which also requires very serious air.

    10. Half Cab

    This could also be called a jumping 180. You bunny hop while turning your scooter around, essentially going from fakie to regular (or, technically, you could go from regular to fakie).

    11. No Footer

    This is exactly what it sounds like - taking both feet off your deck. Get some serious air (for best results), and then kick your feet back as far as you can - before bringing them back on to your scooter, and landing safely.

    12. Double Tail Whip

    Definitely one of the harder tricks on our list, the double tail whip involves flipping your deck around twice before landing back on it - all while in mid-air. If you don’t nail this one at first - don’t worry, it usually takes a bit of practice.

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    Scooter Tricks

    What Is The Hardest Trick To Do On A Scooter?

    We would argue the nothing front scooter flip is probably the hardest trick to do. This basically means throwing your scooter into a front flip in mid-air - while you wait for it to complete its rotation, and hop back on - all before you land.

    What Is The Best Scooter Trick In The World?

    There are an insane amount of great scooter tricks possible. Usually a spin while doing another trick (like a 360 tailwhip) is always a crowd please - but there is not truly one ‘best’ scooter trick out there.

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    Scooter Tricks

    How Do You Know If You Are A Good Scooter Rider?

    The ability to not fall is the first milestone to clear here. After that, you can do harder and harder tricks, until you feel confident that you are a good scooter rider.

    Who Invented The Scooter Trick?

    In 1913, Arthur Hugo Cecil Gibson invented the scooter. No one is exactly sure who invented the scooter trick, but there is no doubt that skateboarding in the 1960s had a major influence on scooter tricks being performed.

    What Are Some Tricks You Can Do On A Scooter?

    We hope we answered this question with this article. The tricks we’ve listed are far from the only ones you can do, of course - so get to YouTube and find some more favorites.

    What Is The Scooter Trick Called Where You Stand On The Scooter And Move The Handlebars Back And Forth?

    This would be the tail whip. Although it’s far easier to kick your deck around, rather than solely using your handlebars.

    What Is A Good Trick To Learn On A Scooter?

    The tail grab is one great option. Another is the bunny hop, or the 360.

    What Does It Mean To "Flip" On A Scooter?

    Just like a normal extreme sports flip, this has multiple meanings. You can physically flip yourself (backwards or forwards), or you can flip your handlebars (in multiple directions).

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    Scooter Tricks

    What Makes A Trick Scooter?

    Scooters come in many different shapes and sizes. Non-adjustable scooters (which will also be non-foldable), are trick scooters.

    These scooters are also specifically designed for tricks and grinds. They will usually be lightweight, as well as being made to be extremely durable, and resistant to damage.

    How Do You Pick A Scooter Trick?

    Picking a scooter trick depends on a number of different factors. For starters, your skill level, type of terrain, and any injuries or limitations you may have - all play a role.

    Scooter Tricks

    Other Factors To Consider

    If you want to start doing scooter tricks, it’s best to start in a skate park. It will be far safer there, and you can bunny hop, do barspins, try a tailwhip, and even a backflip - in a much safer environment.

    We should add that if you’re attempting stunts as dangerous as backflips, you should practice on a crash pad first. Beginner tricks are typically not that dangerous, but using a stunt scooter to do flips is as dangerous as advanced tricks in any other extreme sports.

    Basic tricks, like riding fakie on a kick scooter, will be easy and generally safe. However, if you start riding a halfpipe, or do heel whips - you’ll be much more likely to get seriously hurt.

    If you go to YouTube, you’ll see full videos of the best scooter tricks, which will help you learn pro scooter tricks even faster. Things like no-footers, one handers, quarter pipe tricks, and even tricks with your handlebars can all be learned fairly easily.

    Scooter riders will be a little bit safer than skateboarding experts, but using a scooter deck to do tricks is still very dangerous. Whether you’re doing tricks with your front wheel or back wheel, scooting is still dangerous.

    If you want to see some of the best freestyle scooter tricks in the world, get on Insta, and look at the riders with the most subscribers - you’ll see some truly insane tricks. Electric scooters will go even faster, so scooter riding is even more dangerous.

    There are very few things in life more thrilling than pulling off acrobatic tricks in mid-air, whether you’re a skater, a BMX rider, or using a scooter. Just always wear a helmet, so you stay safe.

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    The Bottom Line On Scooter Tricks

    There you have it - more than you ever wanted to know about scooter tricks. We hope this guide was informative and thorough.

    Scooters have continued to explode in popularity over the years. They will undoubtedly only get more popular, as time progresses.

    We loved researching all of these tricks, and testing some of the best scooters. If you liked this article, be sure to check out some of our other comprehensive guides.

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