Nike SB [An Epic & Comprehensive Guide]

Nike SB [An Epic & Comprehensive Guide]

Nike may have started out as a shoe brand for more traditional sports, but with the Nike SB line, they’ve moved into the world of skateboarding. We took a deep dive into the best Nike SB shoes, gear, and clothing - and came out on the other end with this epic, comprehensive guide.

While Nike may be best known for their work with other sports - the Nike SB line is actually pretty rad. So without further ado, here is 2,000+ words on the epicness that is Nike SB.

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10 Best Nike SB Shoes

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    # 1

    Nike SB Charge SLR
  • Why it's rad: Minimalist, cool design - and will withstand any punishment.
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    # 2

    Nike KillShot 2
  • Why it's rad: Sleek design, very affordable, great padding.
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    # 3

    Nike SB Bruin React
  • Why it's rad: Super stylish, classic look, indestructible.
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1. Nike SB Charge SLR

Not only are these shoes great for skateboarding, you can wear them with pretty much any outfit. We love the grip on the bottom, and they made ollies easy.

While these are not the flashiest shoes, the performance they offer is great. We highly recommend these durable, and very well-crafted skate shoes for anyone.

2. Nike Killshot 2

These classic shoes are perfect for the court, or for skating. We tested them playing tennis, as well as hitting the skate park - and they held up flawlessly.

The old school look is precise, and the performance is stellar. These shoes are legendary for a reason - and we can't recommend them highly enough.

3. Nike SB Bruin React

We love the bottoms of these shoes. They clash perfectly with the upper, and give off that great, old school vibe.

While you can spend less, we think the extra cost here is definitely worth it. You'll get great pop with your ollies with these shoes, which makes the cost completely worth it.

4. Nike Dunk Low

These shoes are legendary. They're almost too beautiful to skate in - almost.

We have a few pairs, one for show, and one for skating. We recommend grabbing these in every color - they're soon going to be a collector's item.

5. Nike SB Zoom Blazer Low Pro GT

This is another slick pair of shoes. We loved skating in these - they made everything feel so easy.

If you're short on budget, we recommend grabbing a pair of these from a second hand store, or used on eBay. Another great pick, and highly recommended.

6. Nike Court Vision Low

These shoes are absolutely sick. With a huge variety of colors, a best selling history, and the ability to shoot hoops as well as skate in them - it's truly hard to beat this pair of sneakers. 🏀

While you can certainly spend less, we think the slightly higher price tag here is worth it. We're big fans of the blue color, but there are a ton of choices available here.

7. Nike Jordan 1 Low

While not inexpensive, these shoes are super slick. As the name implies, they were originally intended for basketball, but they work great for skating.

We love the bold colors, and they will definitely turn heads in the skatepark. It's hard to imagine a more old school and awesome pair of skate shoes - so we highly recommend these.

8. Nike SB BLZR Court

These classic looking shoes are a dream to skate in. We love the two colors, and they will also pair with almost any outfit.

While they're not flashy or crazy, these are a perfect shoe to blend in with. They also offer superior performance while skating - so it's easy to do kickflips, and much, much more.

9. Nike SB Janoski

Stefan Janoski is a legendary skateboarder, and this shoe only helps to improve his legacy. Not only can you skate in these shoes, many reviewers note that you can work in them, as well.

They are sleek, minimal - but well padded. We loved the feel of popping ollies with these, and we know you will too.

10. Nike SB Charge

These minimalist skate shoes totally rock. We love the classic design, and the fact that they go with almost any outfit.

They're super comfortable, and we recommend grabbing two pairs - as you never know when you'll need a second. A very well-constructed shoe, and highly recommended.

Nike SB

What Is Nike SB?

Nike SB is essentially just Nike skateboarding. They offer shoes, hats, backpacks, t-shirts and more - all geared specifically towards skateboarders.

While the brand may not have the cachet of older skateboard brands - Nike is actually no slouch when it comes to making great skate shoes. Skate shops often carry Nike SB shoes, and Nike also has interesting collabs (or collaborations, if you want to be more formal).

You can even get a Nike skateboarding hoodie, or try their Blazer skate shoes. Skaters like Stefan Janoski rep Nike, and Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Dory SB shoe is incredibly awesome.

While Nike may be best known for the Air Jordan, they actually do surprisingly well with skateboarding shoes, like the Blazer Low Pro, or the Nike SB Dunk Low. Skaters like Ishod Wair rep Nike as well, and the Nike SB Nyjah Free 2 Skate Shoes are one of our all-time favorites to skate in.

While some hardcore skaters in New York (or NYC, if you prefer) may scoff at Nike SB - we actually think you may like their shoes. Skaters like Grant Taylor, Eric Koston, Jeff Staple, and others, all rep Nike SB.

Even Travis Scott has a sick signature shoe with Nike SB. We like the Nike SB Dunk High, the Nike SB Blazer, the Nike SB Chron, and the Nike SB Force 58 - but there are so many other models, as well.

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Nike SB

What Does SB Mean On Nike?

SB simply stands for skateboarding. Nike started making specific shoes built just for skateboarding, and called it SB - along with t-shirts, backpacks, and other skating gear. Shoes like the Nike SB Shane, the Nike SB Ishod, the Nike SB Bruin React, and others - are all very popular with young skateboarders.

Does Nike SB Stand For Skateboard?

Yes, Nike SB stands for Nike Skateboarding. The traditional logo and swoosh may be present, but don’t be fooled - shoes like the Nike SB Blazer Court are specifically crafted for skateboarding.

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How Many Nike SB Does Paul Rodriguez Have?

Paul Rodriguez has quite a large number of Nike SB shoes. He has, in fact, ten different Nike SB skate shoes - making him a legend.

How Long Do Nike SB Shoes Last?

This really depends on how much you skate. If you are wearing them every day, you may only get 2-3 months out of these skate shoes.

If you are wearing them less frequently, you could potentially get years of use out of these well-crafted shoes. It comes down to how often you skate - and if you’re doing serious tricks, or just cruising.

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Nike SB

What Are The Top Three Nike SB Shoes?

We don’t know if we can really name the top three - there are so many good choices out there. Some of our favorite Nike SB shoes include: Deep Royal, University Gold, the Summit White, and the University Red pair.

What Is The Difference Between Nike SB And Nike SB Dunk?

This one is a little bit technical. The Dunk is an upgraded SB - specifically, it has new insoles that greatly increased the comfort and responsiveness of the shoe itself.

Any SB shoe will be great - but a Nike DB Dunk will be even better. We actually loved testing these shoes - even though we went in, expecting to hate them.

How Much Does A Pair Of Nike SB Shoes Cost?

This will depend on the model. A pair of Zoom Blazer Mids will be a different price than a pair of Reese Forbes skate shoes.

On average, you can expect to spend between $50 and $3,000 on Nike SB skate shoes. It really depends on the model, the condition (used or new), and the rarity of the shoe itself.

What Kind Of Technology Does Nike SB Use?

Nike SB shoes use a variety of technologies. One that is particularly important, is the the Nike SB Lunarlon Sole - insoles that were inspired by watching astronauts bounce on the moon, like marshmallows (yes, really).

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Nike SB

What Color Is Nike SB?

Nike SB shoes come in a wide variety of colors. Black/white is always a popular choice, but you can look at the colorways to see what shades may be best for you.

What Is A Nike SB Shoe?

Nike SB is Nike’s name for their line of skateboarding products. This includes shoes, t-shirts, hats, backpacks, and more.

What Was The First Nike SB?

The first official start of the line came in 2002, with the orange box era. The Nike Dunk Low SB is an example of when things began to take off - as Nike had almost no commercial success selling skate shoes, prior to this time.

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Nike SB

Are Nike Killshot Skate Shoes?

Originally, they were not. They were used for court sports (think tennis) in the 1970s and 1980s.

Nowadays, however, many skaters use them to skate with. This is likely due to these shoes frequently being found in second hand stores in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s - which meant many poor skaters would buy them and then use them to skate with.

Why Is Nike Box Orange?

Way back in 1972, shoes usually came in blue or white boxes - nothing more. However, Phil Knight (founder of Nike) wanted his shoes to stand out.

Therefore, he went with an orange color box, instead. This worked much better than anyone could have ever imagined.

The design stayed the same all the way until 2000. Even then, the design was only slightly shifted, to incorporate more raw cardboard.

The Black Box era, with the SB branding, is one of our personal favorite eras. Nike has always had great designs, and typically if their employees don’t want to wear a shoe, they will change the design.

It’s sort of a freestyle approach, which works pretty well. Your gut is usually right, and Nike takes this concept and extends it to shoe design.

No matter if they are designing for basketball, baseball, soccer, or skateboarding - design has always been paramount to Nike’s success. Of course, many would argue that Nike is a success story built on clever marketing, cheaper materials, and cheap labor - but who is to really say.

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Nike SB

Why Are Dunk Lows So Popular?

In the 1990s, skateboarding started to explode. Many skaters didn’t have much funding, however.

So they often went to second hand stores, where shoes like the Dunks were popular. They would buy them for only a few dollars, then wear them into the ground.

Soon, Nike started paying attention. They introduced the Nike Dunk SB, and also made the Dunks available as a low-top silhouette.

Really, the reason why this shoe comes and goes in popularity, is because fashion is cyclical. It’s also due to their re-emergence in thrift shops, with the shoe often being picked up by skaters who have little money to spare.

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Nike SB

The Bottom Line On Nike SB

There you have it - all the answers regarding Nike SB. Whether you’re interested in shoes, a backpack, a hat, t-shirts, or other gear - we’ve got you covered.

We hope this guide was comprehensive and informative - and if it wasn’t, you can always unsubscribe. While Nike may not be best known for their line of skateboarding shoes - they’re actually hidden gems.

Vans, Etnies - these may be the most well-known brands in skating - but Nike makes quality products. We hope you pick up a pair, the next time you bust up your skate shoes - you just may be pleasantly surprised.

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