Best BMX Bikes [A Totally Rad Guide]

Best BMX Bikes [A Totally Rad Guide]

When it comes to the best BMX bikes - there is a lot to consider. We reviewed millions of products, and looked at the best bikes to ride.

After much research, we compiled this epic, detailed guide for you. So without further ado, let’s look at the best BMX bikes on the market today.

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BMX Bikes

10 Best BMX Bikes

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    # 1

    Mongoose Legion
  • Why it's rad: Affordable, incredible reviews.
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    # 2

    Elite BMX Bike
  • Why it's rad: Stellar performance, inexpensive.
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    # 3

    Tony Hawk Aftermath
  • Why it's rad: Amazing reviews, great price.
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1. Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion Bike

While it's not the cheapest item on our list, this BMX bike from Mongoose is absolutely stellar. It offers nearly every feature you can think of, plus it looks super slick.

It also handled and rode very well during our testing. We can't recommend this one more highly, and it's definitely worth the extra cash.

2. Elite BMX Freestyle Bike

This best-seller has a ton of great reviews, and a very good price point. It's also available in a wide variety of colors.

With chromoly and steel construction, it's well-made, but not too expensive. Perfect for any entry-level riders, and definitely recommended.

3. Tony Hawk 20" Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike

While Tony Hawk may not be a BMX rider, this is one heck of a bike. With an affordable price point, and lots of five star reviews, it's a great choice.

While experts and pro riders may need a little more, this is a perfect pick for beginners. Highly recommended, and backed by a metric ton of great reviews.

4. Schwinn Sting Pro And Predator Team BMX Bike

Schwinn has always made some of the best bicycles in the world, and this one is no exception. With a ton of stellar reviews, and excellent craftmanship, it's hard to beat this BMX model.

It has a great, old school look, but it offers great modern performance. Definitely one of the top bikes we tested, and highly recommended.

5. Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike

This is a great budget bike, backed by a ton of great reviews. While pro riders or experts may want something more, this is a perfect beginner BMX bike.

We also love the cool pegs on this bike, as well as the paint job. While you can certainly spend more, this is a perfect choice for most beginner and novice riders.

6. Hiland 20 Inch BMX Freestyle Bike

We weren't that familar with this brand before we started testing it, but we loved the results we got with this BMX bike. It was lightweight, but also very sturdy.

It also comes in at an excellent price. Lastly, this bike is backed by a ton of fantastic reviews - so we know you'll love it.

7. Huffy Enigma 20" BMX Bike

We loved this middle-of-the road BMX bike, and we think you'll love it too. It is made from aluminum alloy, and is a great choice for beginners.

While pros and expert riders may want something more expensive, this is a solid choice for anyone just starting out. Highly recommended, and one we really enjoyed testing.

8. Mongoose Legion L80 Freestyle BMX Bike

This is a very well-crafted bike, and serious riders can ride this for a very long time. It is only made with the best materials, and has a great design.

While not the most inexpensive item on our list, it's definitely worth the extra cash. While beginners may not want to spend this much, for any experienced or serious riders - this is an absolutely perfect choice.

9. Framed Attack BMX Bike

This is another great bike, perfect for anyone serious about BMX-ing. We like the minimalist design, as well as the fact that it comes in mulitple cool colors.

We also like the chromoly, and the fact that it was very easy to assemble. Another great find, and highly recommended.

10. Avasta 20 Inch BMX Bike

This is another awesome BMX bike, backed by lots of great reviews. It comes in lots of colors, and is very affordable.

We weren't as familar with the brand, but we were pleasantly surprised with how well it held up during testing. Highly recommended, especially if you don't want to spend a lot.

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What Is The Best Brand Of BMX Bikes?

We don’t think there is just one brand of BMX bikes that is best. Rather, we think that there are many good brands out there for BMX bikes.

Whether you want a top tube design, a BMX race bike with an aluminum frame, something closer to a mountain bike, maybe a few freestyle bikes, or a freestyle BMX bike with a steel frame - we’ve got you covered. Features like great handlebars, lightweight BMX frames, or expensive rims - all can make a good bike great.

It really depends on what you want to do - do you want to hit dirt jumps, use your pegs to grind some rails, or just do some wheelies? The answer to this question is a good starting point to determine exactly what BMX brands might be best for you - and more importantly, if you need a dirt jumper, or just a sick bike that you can ride in a skatepark.

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What Is A BMX Bike Good For?

A BMX bike is great for a lot of things. For starters, a good bike will get you around quickly and easily.

But there’s a lot more to it than that. You might look at a great brand like Haro, and see if the frame size of the bike is ideal, or if you need a kids bike, that the drivetrain is good.

BMX bikes can be used for stunts, and since most are single-speed - they are usually used for dirt jumps, riding in skate parks, or hitting up vert ramps. Of course, these tasks all require a more advanced skill level.

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BMX Bikes

What Does BMX Stand For?

This is a simple one. BMX stands for bicycle motocross - as the original BMX riders were not trick riders, but rather racers.

How Much Does A BMX Bike Cost?

Depending on how much you want to spend, and what level of quality you want, there is a big sliding scale here. Anywhere from $100 to $1,500 is a reasonable level to expect to spend, on a BMX bike.

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BMX Bikes

How Much Should You Spend On A BMX Bike?

This really depends on your skill level, as well as what your budget is. A very inexpensive pick would be around the $100 mark, whereas a top of the line BMX bike could go for as high as $3,000.

What Are The Benefits Of BMX Bikes?

There are numerous benefits of BMX bikes. You’ll lose weight, you will build muscle, you’ll make new friends, you will improve your mental health, and you’ll even learn new tricks (literally).

BMX biking is actually exercise, even though some old school people may still scoff at the notion. You’ll work your leg muscles to an extraordinary degree, especially if you ride every single day.

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BMX Bikes

What Size Should A BMX Bike Be For A Child?

This is sort of a broad answer. You will want to figure out what normal size bike is right for your kid, first.

Then, go down one size, and you’ll find the right size BMX bike for your child. BMX bikes aren’t meant for long rides with your butt in the seat - so many times you’ll find plastic seats, or non-padded seats.

Mountain bikes, on the other hand, are meant for longer, less crazy rides. They will likely have good shocks, to absorb all the mountain bumps - but they won’t have handlebars that can spin completely around, for example.

What Is The Average Height For A BMX Bike?

20 inches to 21 inches is the ideal frame size for most adult riders. Smaller kids will obviously want smaller bikes, but 20 inches to 21 inches is the average height for adult BMX riders.

What Is The Cheapest BMX Bike?

We wouldn’t recommend any bikes that are $50 or less - they have a significantly higher risk of developing problems. $100 is sort of the baseline price we’d recommend.

Custom, and/or advanced BMX bikes can go for as much as $3,000. We would not recommend something that expensive, until you are a very experienced rider.

What Type Of Bike Is A BMX Bike?

Technically, BMX bikes would be referred to as racing bikes. They actually come in three styles though, a dirt jumper, an original BMX bike, or a freestyle bike.

Usually the frames are made from aluminum, steel, or carbon. If you have a lighter frame, the bike will usually cost more.

Is BMX Good For Beginners?

BMX riding is great for beginners - however, they won’t be able to do more complex tricks. It’s also important to go slow, as some beginners will be impatient, and injure themselves trying to do dirt jumps or hit big vert ramps.

While someone just learning to ride a bike may not love BMX, if you’re even a novice rider, you’ll likely love BMX biking. Once you get to be good on a bike, then you’ll be ready for dirt jumps, vert ramps, and grinding rails.

What Is A BMX Bike Good For?

BMX bikes are great for tricks, jumps, and racing. However, they are not really street bikes, or mountain bike path friendly.

If you want a smaller bike, one that will be great for performing fun tricks on - a BMX bike is definitely the right choice for you. If you want to ride regularly, especially long distances, and on difficult trails - a mountain bike is definitely a better choice.

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BMX Bikes

Which Is Better BMX Or MTB?

Mountain bikes are built for rough terrain, whereas BMX bikes are for made for tricks. So depending on your needs a mountain bike may indeed be better - it really depends on what you want to do.

Do BMX Bikes Have Gears?

Many do, many don’t. It really depends on what you’re looking to do - do you want speed, or do you want to do lots of flashy tricks?

Does BMX Burn Fat?

While you won’t burn as many calories as running or sprinting, BMX biking does burn lots of calories. The longer you ride, the more calories you will burn - so it’s a good form of exercise, especially if the idea of hours on the treadmill is unappealing to you.

BMX Bikes

Other Factors To Consider

If you’re a more advanced rider, you may want to look at small features like spokes, cranks, axles, the bottom brackets, pedals, the quality of the disc brakes, and even the sprockets. Kids BMX bikes will be a whole different animal, so make sure you choose wisely.

Brands like WeThePeople are well-known, but if you really want to dive into the details of BMX bikes, you will want to consider freecoaster versus cassette hub, just how many inch wheels you’ll need, or even look deeply at headsets. One of the most famous classic bikes, the PK Ripper, has been updated to the Big Ripper, which is still a fantastic bike.

Brands like Redline will often use high quality materials for bikes, like chromoly on the handlebars. If you’re not a bike nerd, you won’t care about 3 piece cranks, but you may want a kick butt bike like a Pro XXL.

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The Bottom Line On The Best BMX Bikes

There you have it - all the information on the best BMX bikes. We hope you learned something from our epic guide, especially if you need to buy a BMX bike.

What might be right for your neighbor, may not necessarily be right for you. You might need a different wheel size, or if you’re not a full size adult yet - you may need something smaller than a 20 inch BMX bike.

Retro brands like Schwinn make some good bikes, but specialized BMX bike companies like Mongoose and Haro, will usually offer more options. Frames with Hi-Ten are one option, and retro brands like SE Bikes still make great stuff.

If you liked this article, be sure to check out some of our other great guides. And don’t forget to hit some awesome dirt jumps and vert ramps, with your new ride. 🚲

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