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Bear Kodiak Forged Precision Longboard Trucks
Bear's new Kodiak Trucks feature forged baseplates and hangars to provide superior strength and performance over normal caste trucks. The axles of the Kodiaks have been machined to eliminate any and all wheel play. Bear also fitted the Kodiaks with...
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Bear Polar Bear Skateboard Trucks
About Polar Bear Trucks NOTE: Bushings colors may be different than pictured. The team at Landyachz knows that not everyone skates Reverse Kingpin (RKP) trucks all the time! There are times and situations where Tradional Kingpin (TKP) trucks get the...
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Bear Grizzly Longboard Trucks
The Bear Grizzly is a durable, cast, Reverse Kingpin longboard truck with a sleek appearance. It features flippable hangers made of thick steel to keep the axles straight. The Bear Grizzly currently has two baseplate options - 45° and 52°....
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