Bear Grizzly Longboard Trucks

Bear Grizzly Longboard Trucks

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Stoked Promises

The Bear Grizzly is a durable, cast, Reverse Kingpin longboard truck with a sleek appearance. It features flippable hangers made of thick steel to keep the axles straight. The Bear Grizzly currently has two baseplate options - 45° and 52°. The 52° angle baseplate makes these very nimble trucks designed for freeriding, carving, or just cruising around, while the 45° baseplate is built for speed and stability.

Hanger Flipability

The hangers on these trucks are built with rake, meaning the axel is slightly off center from the the pivot. This does not change the baseplate angle, but it does mimic an offset of 5°. What does this mean for you? It means that a 52° baseplate will feel like a 57° baseplate angle. If you flip the hangers, it feels more like a 47° truck. With the 40° baseplate, the trucks feels like it's set at 45° - flip the hangers and you have a super stable, 35° truck.

Bushing Seat

Bear Grizzly's are built with a tight bushing seat, giving the truck a stable center-point. Its stepped shape allows you to run virtually any bushing combination. It comes stock with double barrels, but don't let that limit your bushing experimentation.

Choosing a Baseplate Angle

While only 7° separates the two options, it can make a significant difference in your ride. Choose the 52° for increased agility and nimbleness (if you plan on doing a lot of 180's and intense freeriding), or the 45° for more control and stability and excessive downhill shredding.


  • Width: 181mm
  • Ride Height: 65mm unflipped / 61mm flipped.
  • Axle Size: 8mm
  • Rake: Mimics 5° angle change, each direction.
  • Baseplate Degree(s): 52° or 45°
  • Kingpin Style: Reverse Kingpin (RKP)
  • Bushings: Bear High Rebound 83a Double Barrels

*Sold in pairs. 1 Quantity is enough for one board.

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