RipTide 'KoMotion' Footstop
RipTide 'KoMotion' Footstop When it comes to flying down mountains so fast that your feet might slip off and send you towards impending doom, it's probably best to save yourself with a footstop beforehand with something like the new RipTide KoMotion...
RipTide PSD FootStops (All Types)
RipTide PSD FootStops are some of the best longboarding footstops in the industry. Made from a high quality 60d urethane that conforms to the concave of your skateboard, PSD FootStops give riders extra control and support over their longboard. Each Pack...
from $19.99
RipTide Tunnel Risers
RipTide Tunnel Risers Looking for the way to take your electric skateboard to the next level? Just trying to spice things up a bit? Either way, have a look at the all new RipTide Tunnel Riser pads. Designed specifically for electric skateboards...
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