Loaded Basalt Tesseract Longboard, Deck and Complete
Loaded Basalt Tesseract Longboard, Deck and Complete
Loaded Basalt Tesseract Longboard, Deck and Complete
Loaded Basalt Tesseract Longboard, Deck and Complete

Loaded Basalt Tesseract Longboard, Deck and Complete

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Loaded Basalt Tesseract

The masterminds behind Loaded Boards continue to design longboards that can do it all. The insanity just doesn’t stop.

The Tesseract is one of these insane boards that dominates in multiple disciplines and lends itself as a great board to skaters belonging to a wide array of riding styles.

Loaded Basalt Tesseract Board Spin

With a W-concave, wheel well flares, and multiple wheelbase options, the Tesseract provides a comfortable platform for your feet no matter what your style is.

Loaded Basalt Deck Close Up

Loaded Boards might as well officially change their middle name to “innovative” as, with the Tesseract, they have created the first board with a layer of cork covering the bottom of the deck.

Excellent Design for Freeride and Downhill

With wheel-well flares placed before the kicktails and a W-concave throughout, you have yourself a deck that is going to lock your feet in very well. Not only do the wheel-well flares help keep your feet locked-in when doing some technical slides, they also are great for providing foot awareness on downhill runs. When cutting corners at high speeds, it’s obviously pretty important to know exactly where your feet are on your board. Without ever needing to look down to check, you’ll be able to know exactly where your feet are.

Loaded Basalt Tesseract Side Profile

The W-concave is more pronounced in the middle of the board and fades away the closer you get to the trucks. The W-concave is nice for when you are in a tuck, and also help greatly with slides – especially toesides. In addition to the W-concave, a slight rocker throughout the board will also help your feet feel nice and secure when doing slides.

Tricks, Tricks, Tricks

With double kicktails and multiple wheelbase options, you have the option of making your Tesseract a bit more downhill/freeride oriented, trick-oriented, or a combination of both. Move those trucks in the innermost holes and you have yourself a premium freestyle board. (Even with the trucks moved to the furthest wheelbase, you’ll find that you will still have a generous amount of leverage over the tails.)

Loaded Basalt Tesseract with Ethan

The kicktails have a ton of pop and a scoop of extra concave at the end. Add this concave to the existing wheel flares and you’ll have a superb locked-in feeling during manuals – most excellent for combo-ing manuals with other tricks. What is also nice about the Terresact, is that with a length of 39” there is still some room to spice up your trick combos with some cross-steps and other dance moves.

Cork Base

In the past, some boards have been designed with cork in the middle (such as the Loaded Bhangra), but never before has been it exposed on the bottom of the deck. The bottom layer of cork helps prevent severe board damage. With more traditionally used wood and fiberglass bottom layers, a scrape or crack can eventually expand throughout the board. Unlike wood and fiberglass, cork is granular, meaning it is made up of little grains. This granular makeup, plus the tough design of cork, will make sure your Tesseract survives through whatever rigorous riding you put it through.

Loaded Tesseract Basalt, All Colorways

All boards are going to get scraped and beat-up, no doubt about that. However, with a bottom layer made of cork, cracks and scrapes will remain more isolated rather than spreading throughout the board. What is also nice about the cork is that it absorbs vibrations from the road, making your ride feel ultra smooth.

Complete With:

Complete w/ In Heat 80a:

  • Paris V2 Trucks - 50° | 180mm | Matte Black
  • Loaded Jehu v2 Bearings - 8mm
  • Orangatang In Heat Wheels - 75mm | 80a | Orange


    • Length: 39” (99 cm)
    • Width: 9.5” (24 cm)
    • Wheelbase: 24.5" - 26” (62.2 cm - 66 cm)
    • ConcaveRadial, W, Gas Pedals
    • Nose / Tail: Yes / Yes (both are 7.25”)
    • Rocker / Camber: Slight Rocker, 0.33” / No
    • Construction: Basalt fabric, fiberglass and bamboo with a cork base
    • Special FeaturesThis board is extremely durable due to the cork base.

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