Loaded Mata Hari Dancer Longboard, Deck
Loaded Mata Hari Dancer Longboard, Deck
Loaded Mata Hari Dancer Longboard, Deck

Loaded Mata Hari Dancer Longboard, Deck

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Compact, symmetrical shape with mild rocker and concave provide a comfortable and highly versatile platform for longboard dancing and freestyle trickery. Aggressive, street-inspired kicks generate powerful pop and help protect the rails and top surface of the deck when the board lands upside down. 


The Mata Hari includes three wheelbase options for a range of performance characteristics. ● Outer (29.25”): Ideal for dancing. Increased stability and space for footwork. Yields a slightly softer (but subtle) effective flex from the deck for cruising and carving comfort. Allows the rider to progressively shorten the wheelbase to maintain leverage at the kicktails as they wear. ● Middle (28.25”): Ideal for a blend of freestyle and dancing. ● Inner (27.25”): Ideal for freestyle. Increased agility, greater kicktail leverage, quicker pop, and reduced swingweight for more technical, aggressive freestyle riding. Yields a slightly firmer effective flex from the deck for enhanced control and resilience under heavy landings. 


Dual vertically laminated bamboo cores are sandwiched between layers of triaxial fiberglass, epoxy resin, and bamboo veneers to create a light, strong, and poppy platform for freestyle and dancing maneuvers. CNC-milled wheel wells allow for loose trucks and reduce the chance of wheelbite. 


Hearkening back to an era of significant progress in music and dance, we’ve opted for an Art Deco influenced design to inspire you to get your swing on. The griptape design echoes the Art Deco bottom graphic and ensures traction where needed while facilitating spins and pivots on top of the laser-etched top logo.


    • Length: 44.5” (113 cm)
    • Width: 9.25” (23.4 cm)
    • Wheelbase: 27.25" / 28.25" / 29.25" (69.2 / 71.8 / 74.3cm)
    • Nose / Tail: Yes / Yes 
    • Rocker / Camber: Rocker
    • Construction: Fiberglass and bamboo 
    • Weight: 4.6lbs (2.1KG)
    • FlexOne flex fits all

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