Loaded Poke Longboard, Deck and Complete
Loaded Poke Longboard, Deck and Complete

Loaded Poke Longboard, Deck and Complete

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Stoked Promises

Hokey and Pokey

The Poke is very much like a “shortboard” (regular skateboard, whatever you want to call it), but with a TON more features such as extra concave and wheel well flares. The Poke can do almost any trick you can do on a regular skateboard and much more.

Aggressive Shape, Aggressive Style

The Poke is a board that can allow you to rip like none other. Now, of course you can still do some slides on this board, but the Poke is going to shine the most when you take it the streets. With a bamboo and fiberglass construction and a length of 34”, the Poke is not only strong, but extremely light-weight. Its kicktail gives you an amazing amount of pop. Feel free to grind rails, no-comply off ledges, and ollie to the fullest of your ability. Great for old school tricks too. Do wall plant variations that are so sick, they’ll put Mike Vallely to shame!

Ramps, Ditches, and Banks

The Poke is a great street-style board, but it also excels in the skate parks, ditches, and banks. When set up with some turny 150mm trucks, the Poke is an excellent choice for pumping up and down ramps and banks. The Poke is great for vert tricks as well. With a ton of pop and a super-light construction, you are destined to get as much air as you want.

Urban Commuter

Whether skating through a crowded metropolis, picking up some food at the grocery store, or skating to class, the Loaded Poke is an excellent choice for getting around. The Poke is a great choice for pedestrian slalom. The generous kicktail allows you to turn on a dime if needed and is also great for hopping off or ollieing over curbs. At 34”, the Poke is also easy to carry around once you make it to your destination.

Complete With:

  • Paris V2 Trucks - 150mm | Raw
  • Orangatang Stimulus Wheels - 70mm | 80a | Orange
  • Loaded Jehu v2 Bearings - 8mm


      • Length: 34"
      • Width: 9.125”
      • Wheelbase: 20.75”
      • Concave: .5"
      • Nose / Tail: Yes, 5.625” / Yes, 7.625”
      • Rocker / Camber: Slight rocker of .1"/ No
      • Construction: Bamboo and Fiberglass
      • Special Features: Versatility. How many boards can ollie stairs AND pump around town?

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