Loaded Tan Tien Bluestar Longboard, Complete

Loaded Tan Tien Bluestar Longboard, Complete

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Stoked Promises

OG Bluestar Tan Tien (2014)

The Loaded Tan Tien was conceived by the minds of freestyle longboarding artisans. This board is constructed with vertically laminated bamboo and comes with a very simple concave.


The concave of this board is almost flat except for the camber in the center and a slight amount of radial concave. This makes it comfortable when riding on rough terrain. The nose and tail of this board are perfectly practical but can also be used for some pretty intense looking maneuvers at the hands of a proper longboard freestyler.

For your comfort, this board is nice and low to the ground for increased stability and ease of pushing due to the drop-through mounting. This board features camber and a moderate amount of flex to reduce the feeling of bumps.

Designed for:
Cruising | Carving | Pushing | Dancing | Freestyle

Loaded Tan Tien Review: The Legendary All-Around Longboard

Complete With:

  • Paris V3 Trucks - 50° | 180mm | Matte Black, Jet Black or Silver
  • Fireball Tinder Wheels - 70mm | 81a | White or Black
  • Fireball Dragon BUILT Bearings - 8mm


    • Truck Mounting - Drop-Through
    • Length - 39” (99 cm) 
    • Width - 8.75” (22.25 cm)
    • Wheelbase - 27” (68.5 cm)

    Comes in 3 Flex Patterns: 

    Flex 1: 170 - 270+ lbs | 75 - 122+ kg
    Flex 2: 130 - 210+ lbs | 59 - 95+ kg
    Flex 3: 80 - 170+ lbs | 36 - 77+ kg

    Construction: Vertically Laminated Bamboo

    Concave: Camber | Radial | Functional Nose and Tail

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