Hardest Skateboard Tricks [30 Tricks To Try, Bails Sold Separately]

Hardest Skateboard Tricks [30 Tricks To Try, Bails Sold Separately]

Today, we'll go over the hardest skateboard tricks in the world. We've listed out 30 different tricks, and unless you're a pro skater - we don't recommend trying many.

There are crazy spins, insane grinds, and rad grabs. However, don't attempt any of these, unless you really know what you're doing. 🛹 🤙

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    What Is A Skateboard Trick?

    A skateboard trick is just what it sounds like. Spins, grabs, grinds, and flips - these all fall into the category of skateboard tricks.

    Games like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater have all showcased the craziest tricks. However, in real life, these tricks are much, much harder to pull off.

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    Hardest Skateboard Trick

    10 Best Skateboards For Shredding Tricks

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      # 1

      Hoten Pro Skateboard
    • Why it's rad: Sick design, great reviews, and simple to use.
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      # 2

      Beleev Trick Skateboard
    • Why it's rad: Sick ability to do tricks, inexpensive.
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      # 3

      Ryovorbe Complete Skateboard
    • Why it's rad: Awesome design, very affordable price.
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    1. Hoten Patinetas Trick Skateboard Complete

    This complete skateboard is designed to make it easier for you to learn new tricks. It's super sturdy and durable and can even hold up to 380 pounds.

    We like the combination of the  ABEC-11 professional sport bearings with 52mm 95A PU wheels, which make for a smoother ride. You won't be disappointed in the high-quality of this board. 

    2. Beleev 31 Inch Complete Tick Skateboard

    This cruiser skateboard has a double kick symmetric concave design perfect for turning tricks. You'll have full control and be able to easily balance and brake.

    It is s a reliable board great for anyone and we love the eye-catching, colorful designs. Backed by thousands of five star reviews, this is easy to ride and a very affordable options.


    3. Ryvorbe 31 x 8 Complete Skateboard

    Master new tricks quickly and easily with this complete board by Ryvorbe. There are a variety of graphic designs to choose from skulls to checkers to sharks. 

    We like the stable grip that will give beginners more control and ensure a safe ride. The wheels also have extra coating to resist against wear, so this board is built to last and will give you a smooth ride. 

    4. Beleev Cruiser Skateboard

    This cruiser board from Beleev has an extra wide deck that makes it even easier to balance, while still having the double kick concave design needed to do some basic tricks. Overall, this board is great for cruising around and will give you a safe, comfortable ride. 

    We like this board for beginners who eventually hope to take the sport to the next level. There are a variety of awesome colors and designs to choose from making it a great choice for anyone. 

    5. Hikole 31 x.8 Complete Skateboard

    Made from seven layers of high density maple, this board by Hikole is super study and durable. It's made for doing stunts and is a choice for advanced beginners starting to learn tricks. 

    We also like the high level of grit on the top of the board making it easy to balance. Reviewers say overall it's a great board and it's very affordable, making it a great option for anyone. 

    6. Amrgot 31 x 8 Complete Skateboard

    This fully assembled board is ready for riders to take it to the street.  It's designed especially for beginners and is easy to balance, ensuring a very safe ride. 

    The pattern choices for this board are bright and unique. The price also cannot be beat. 

    7. Fish Complete Skateboard

    This board by Fish is an inexpensive and great option young skaters, either beginners or skilled riders. We love the the trendy graphic designs, and the super smooth PU wheels. 

    The design make it easy to stop, which is important when you are just learning. Overall this board is a comfortable weight and size that make it a great option for beginners.

    8. PHOEROS Standard Skateboards

    Another highly-durable option, this skateboard by Phoeros is made from seven layers of Canadian maple. It can support more advanced skate tricks like pivots, sharp turns, slides and street skating. 

    You can choose from a number of awesome graphic designs, and it also comes with a convenient carry bag and stickers and paint so you can customize it. We highly recommend this board for young riders who are just starting out to learn tricks. 

    9. [CCS] Professional Grade Skateboard Complete

    CCS is a trusted global brand that has been producing high quality skateboards since 1985. This professional grade skateboard has a classic design and is made of maple that give the right combination of flexibility and stiffness. 

    The price point is a little higher, but we think the quality and design of this skateboard is worth the investment if you will be riding frequently. You can also select from a a variety of deck length and widths to meet your needs.  

    10. Gonex Standard Skateboard

    This skateboard by Gonex has passed some serious impact tests and give you an excellent ride even on the roughest surfaces. It's suitable for all levels of skaters and is a great option for kids or adults. 

    This board consists of 9 layers of maple wood, making it even more durable and exceeding the highest standards of craftsmanship. We are confident that you will love hitting the ramps with this board. 

    Hardest Skateboard Tricks - 30 To Try At The Skatepark

    1. The 900

    You wanted difficult - this is difficult. Even Tony Hawk himself had a hard time nailing this for a while.

    However, when he finally got it - it was an absolute thing of beauty. To this day, it's still an insanely hard trick to pull off.

    We don't recommend this trick for anyone less than an expert. And even then, you attempt this bad boy at your own risk.

    2. Laser Flip

    The laser flip is one of those things that seems downright impossible. While not quite physically impossible - it's darn sure close.

    3.  360 Varial McTwist

    This insane trick not only looks great, it's rooted in difficulty. It may be easy to pull off in a video game, but not so much, in real life.

    4.  Kickflip One Foot Tail

    This trick looks slick, but it's not so easy to pull off. If you love street skating, try this difficult trick when you've run out of other options.

    5. Indy Backflip

    This sick trick will put you in the hall of fame immediately. Warning - try it into a crash pad or ball pit first, you don't want to land on your head on concrete.

    Indy Backflip

    6. McTwist

    When you combine a flip and a twist, you get the formidable McTwist. This classic trick has been busted out by the best, but it's definitely not easy.

    7. FS 540

    This awesome spin looks super slick. It's not all that easy to pull off, but expert skaters should be able to do it - with a little bit of practice, of course.

    8. Backside Tailslide

    This slide is a little hard to control. However, it's not impossible, and it's another great trick to learn, for more advanced skaters.

    9. Darkslide

    Rodney Mullen invented this classic trick. It involves grinding on the grip tape of your board, and it couldn't possibly look any cooler.


    10. 720

    This awesome double spin requires an insane amount of air to pull off. However, once you do, it will likely become addictive.

    11. Weddle Backflip

    A Chad Muska special, this backflip is super slick. We think anyone that can pull this off, is a truly rad skater. 🔥

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    12. Indy Frontflip

    This is an awesome move. Weirdly, frontflips are harder to pull off in skateboarding, as your momentum makes backflips a little bit easier.

    13. Kickflip Superman

    A slick move, but a difficult one. It's also immortalized in the newest Tony Hawk video game, where it looks even more insane.

    14. Christ Air Backflip

    What's harder than a christ air? A christ air backflip. Pull this one off, and the first round will be on us. 🍻

    15. Hardflip

    They don't call it a hardflip for no reason. Difficult, but not impossible.

    16. Water Tower Ollie

    Do not replicate this one. Jeremy Wray ollied from one water tower to another - and no one should ever attempt this again.

    17. 360 Flip

    This flip is tricky, but not impossible. It looks like a jedi trick from Star Wars - so if you can pull it off, you can grab a lightsaber.

    18. 1080

    Believe it or not, a 12 year old kid beat Tony Hawk with this one. Gui Khury nailed this one during the X Games - and the world is still feeling the shockwaves.

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    19. 720 Gazelle Flip

    Oof, this is another difficult one. It almost looks like something out of a sci-fi movie - so attempt at your own risk.

    20. The Loop

    Tony Hawk tackled the insane challenge of being the first person who would actually skate a real loop. And he pulled it off - but it wasn't easy.

    21. Impossible

    The Impossible is not quite impossible - but it's close. It's a really difficult trick to pull off, which usually only experts can nail.

    22. Caballerial Kickflip

    This insane kickflip is quite eye catching. It's also insanely difficult to actually pull it off, but it looks beautiful.

    23. The Great Wall Of China

    Want to jump over the Great Wall? Danny Way actually did, and it was just as insane as you'd expect.

    24. Nightmare Flip

    This one says it all right in the name. It's horrible to try and pull it off, but it looks absolutely fantastic if you can. 🛹

    25. 360 Flip Wallenberg

    This trick was the definition of persistence. Chris Cole did this 68 times before nailing it - it's that hard.

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    26. Madonna

    The Madonna is an awesome vert trick, where you pull one foot completely off the board in mid-air. Not only does it look super cool - it's very difficult to pull off.

    27. Invert

    If you think doing a handplant (AKA an invert) is easy - think again. This classic trick from the 1970s and 1980s is still fun today - plus it always looks cool.

    28. Backside Smith Grind

    A smith grind isn't easy, but the backside version is even more difficult. While it might be easy to do in a video game - it's 10x harder in real life.

    29. Varial Kickflip

    This trick takes the kickflip and makes it even harder. While it might seem easy at first, try looking at it in slow motion - and your mind will definitely be changed.

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    30. Kickflip El Toro

    Dave Bachinsky nailed this insane kickflip - which still holds up to this day. We don't ever recommend trying to kickflip down 20 flights of stairs - but Dave did it.

    Hardest Skateboard Trick

    Hardest Skateboard Trick

    Other Factors To Consider

    Whether you want to do basic tricks, or some of the best skateboard tricks - we’ve got you covered. From heelflips, to nollies, to frontside grinds - there is truly something out there for everyone.

    The hardest skateboard tricks have definitely been done by pros like Bob Burnquist, so you may need to drop in more and practice for many more hours, first - before attempting a trick like the boneless, or a backside boardslide. Flip tricks are tricky for sure, but even flatground tricks require a lot of practice.

    Then there are moves like the Tre flip, the hospital flip, fakie tricks, bigflips, shove-it tricks, nosegrind variations - and lots more. These skate tricks require a zillion hours of practice usually, and are not for the faint of heart.

    You’ll have to spend lots of hours (and you may even need a mega ramp) to do the riskiest stunts - and you should always pay close attention to where your front foot is, as well as your back foot. The smallest mistake can stop you from succeeding when doing a trick a like a varial heelflip, or catching big air off a vert ramp - so always practice, practice, practice.

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    Hardest Skateboard Tricks

    The Bottom Line On The Hardest Skateboard Tricks

    There you have it - all the hardest skateboard tricks to try. Keep in mind that you should be a more advanced skater before attempting any of these - beginners should not try this stuff.

    You could get seriously injured - or worse. We don't want anyone to injure themselves, so be honest about your skill level before you attempt kick flips or 720s.

    That being said, landing a hard trick is about as rewarding as it gets in skateboarding. So if you get to that level - be sure to enjoy it.

    If you liked this article, be sure to check out some of our other guides. Now get back out there and skate - and don't forget to wear the proper pads and helmet, too. 🛹 🤙

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