Best Electric Skateboard [Expert Guide, With 10 Editor-Approved Boards]

Best Electric Skateboard [Expert Guide, With 10 Editor-Approved Boards]

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If you don't want to ride on a traditional skateboard or longboard, there are a whole new class of boards, in fact, we reviewed the best electric skateboards on the market today.

Whether you want to spend a little, go for something kid-friendly - or spend a lot on a deluxe model - we've got you covered. Here are the 10 best electric skateboards, along with a complete buyer's guide with everything you need to know.

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Best Electric Skateboard

10 Best Electric Skateboards

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    # 1

    Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard
  • Why it's rad: This is an incredible board - has everything you could need.
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    # 2

    Caroma Electric Skateboard
  • Why it's rad: We loved riding this one, and the price is good.
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    # 3

    UrbanPro Electric Skateboard
  • Why it's rad: Has great features, and is very affordable.
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1. Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard

This awesome board has tons of five star reviews, and it's easily our top pick. We loved how smooth the ride was, as well as how long the battery lasted.

While you can certainly spend less, if you care about quality, this is an excellent pick. Backed by tons of stellar reviews, as well as expert approval - it's hard to beat this choice.

2. Caroma Electric Skateboard

This budget option not only looks cool, it's backed by many five star reviews. It's also highly affordable, making it a great pick for anyone out there.

Since this board is so affordable, it's great for kids - just make sure you supervise them accordingly. Hard to beat this one, especially for the price.

3. UrbanPro Electric Skateboard

This super-sleek board has lots of great reviews. We also loved how fast it was, especially when coupled with the killer all-black design.

There is hardly a bad thing to say about this electric skateboard. While it may not be the most inexpensive pick on our list - we think spending the extra cash is well worth it.

4. OppsDecor Electric Skateboard

This is another awesome pick. Made more for cruising, this board will easily allow you to go fast, without exerting any effort.

It's also backed by a ton of perfect reviews, so you can have piece of mind while making a purchase. We highly recommend this electric skateboard, especially for beginners.

5. Wookrays Electric Skateboard

This cool board has a ton of great reviews. It's also very affordable, and you can go up to 12 MPH on it.

While not the fastest board on our list, it's a great choice for any kids or beginners. If you want to spend a little more, you certainly can - but this is an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy their first electric skateboard.

6. Meepo Hurricane 2 In 1 Off-Road All Terrain Electric Skateboard

This is the Rolls Royce of electric skateboards, with an absolute metric ton of features. This board also lets you go off-road, so you can truly ride it anywhere.

While it's certainly not the most inexpensive choice on our list, it is well worth the extra money. Highly recommended, and pretty much the best electric skateboard out there today.

7. Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

This slick board has lots of great reviews. It also comes in at an affordable price point, and works great for anyone who wants the thrill of riding on an electric skateboard.

While you can certainly spend less (or more), for most people, this is a great option. Beginners and experts will both love this one, so be sure to grab yours today, before they sell out.

8. Blitzart 38" Hurricane Electric Longboard Electronic Skateboard

This excellently reviewed board offers a great experience, and will make riding an electric skateboard an absolute delight. We loved how fast it went, and how stable it felt, too.

We highly recommend this to anyone who wants a great board, no matter what price point works for you. It's right in the middle of the road, and you can easily use a credit card and pay this off quickly.

9. Swagtron NG-3 Swagskate Electric Skateboard

This inexpensive board is a great choice, and it makes electric skateboarding affordable to almost anyone. It's also backed by a ton of great, five star reviews.

While it lacks some of the higher end features, the low price more than makes up for it. We love this board for beginners and kids, and we know you'll love it too.

10. Teamgee H5 37" Electric Skateboard

This is another awesome pick. You can go over 20 MPH on this board, and it will truly feel like you're flying.

No matter what budget, you should be able to afford this board, with a little creativity. We highly recommend it, and know you'll love this board - no matter what your age or gender is.

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What Is An Electric Skateboard?

An electric skateboard is exactly what it sounds like - a skateboard with an electric motor attached. Obviously you won't need to worry about pushing with your feet on these boards, but you also need to be much more careful.

How Do You Ride An Electric Skateboard?

You will get a remote to control your electric skateboard, so you will use this to ride. The remote allows you to monitor a huge number of things, like your battery level, speed, brakes, and more.

Your stance on an electric skateboard should be no different than your stance on a regular skateboard. You'll want your left foot at the front of the board, and your right foot at the back of your board.

Bend your knees slightly, and crouch in a comfortable position. An easy way to know if you're in the right position for an electric skateboard, is to imagine you're just riding a regular skateboard.

Most remotes will have a wheel. Pushing this wheel forward usually means you'll increase your speed, while pushing it back will stop you.

Be very careful with this wheel, as you can go almost 30 miles per hour on some electric skateboards. You don't want to crash or suffer an accident, so be sure you mind the remote accordingly.

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Best Electric Skateboard

How Long Does An Electric Skateboard Battery Last?

These batteries actually last an insane amount of time. We gathered (from various sources) that most batteries will work for 400 to 500 charges.

If you notice the battery isn't lasting as long, it's probably time to replace the battery altogether. There are some valid criticisms of electric skateboards - but short battery life isn't one of them.

Can Electric Skateboards Go Uphill?

Yes, since electric skateboards are - you guessed it, electric - you will easily be able to go uphill. Try any hill near you, and watch as you blow by everyone with ease.

However, you will usually only be able to go up a 20 degree incline, max. Your acceleration, as well as motor power, will help determine just how fast and far you can go.

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Best Electric Skateboard

How Long Can An Electric Skateboard Go On A Single Charge?

This is a question we see often. There is no one definitive answer, but some boards are limited to 5 miles with one charge, while others can go over 22 miles from just one battery charge.

You will want to look at your battery capacity, to determine how long your charge will last. The appropriate units are watt-hours - the more of these you have, the longer a charge is likely to last.

What's The Best Brand For Electric Skateboard?

We don't think there is a single brand that is best here. However, there are a number of great brands out there, and an infinite amount of choices available.

Any of the 10 picks on our list here should work. Remember, when you pay a little more for something like an electric skateboard, you are definitely a little more likely to get some that is higher quality, and which may last a little bit longer.

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Best Electric SkateboardAre Electric Skateboards Worth It?

We think so, absolutely. Not only are they an excellent way to lower your carbon footprint, but you'll have a lot more fun getting around.

A car may be fast, but it's not a whole lot of fun. Additionally, cars are expensive.

While it may not be feasible for some people to ride an electric skateboard to work, you can definitely ride one around. If you live pretty close to a grocery store or shopping center, you can even ride an electric skateboard to do errands.

Electric skateboards are also much better for the environment. While this doesn't sound like it will make a big difference, if millions of people switched to using electric skateboards, there would be a huge difference in terms of lowering overall air pollution and emissions.

You will also save big on gas - which is a huge plus. We hate spending a ton on gas for our cars, so this is a game-changer for sure.

Since electric skateboards can go pretty far, considering - we use them as often as we can. Obviously they're not perfect for every use or every situation - but they are pretty awesome, plus they look kind of rad. 🛹

How Long Does An Electric Skateboard Last?

Quite a while, to tell the truth. If you take care of your board and battery, you can expect a lifespan of almost 3 years.

If you use your electric skateboard every day, it may be a shorter lifespan of only 1 year. However, this would assume you are using your board every day, sometimes multiple times a day.

Many people actually have electric skateboards that last beyond 3 years. However, these boards are likely used infrequently, and they aren't going to be riders who are on a board every single day.

More likely, these boards are sitting in the garage, left unused. However, it wouldn't be impossible for an electric skateboard to last 5 years+, in a situation like this.

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Best Electric Skateboard

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying An Electric Skateboard?

There are many things to know before buying an electric skateboard. You should consider price, how long the battery life is, where you'll be riding it, and much more.

When it comes to the motor type, you may want to go with a belt-driven motor, or a hub motor. You'll also want to look at wattage.

The higher the wattage, the more power you'll have with the board. And by contrast, lower wattage will mean far less power.

You'll also want to look at the deck material (fiberglass, bamboo, etc.), the speed of the board, the range, and also the weight capacity. Heavier individuals may have a harder time finding the right electric skateboard for them - but it is still possible.

Which Is Better - Electric Skateboard Or Regular Skateboard?

Well this one is a little tricky. If you want to skate traditionally, and do traditional tricks, it may be better to go with a regular skateboard.

Electric skateboards are cool, but they are not what Tony Hawk would be riding on the vert ramp at the X Games. Popsicle boards are what the pro riders are going with, and if you want to master tricks - you'll want to go with one of these too.

However, if you want to use a skateboard more as a mode of transport, an electric skateboard is likely much better. You won't have to worry about pushing, and you'll be able to cruise around with no problems whatsoever.

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Best Electric Skateboard

Other Factors To Consider

Commuting is a lot more fun on an electric longboard - and you can have a very comfortable ride on any of the quality boosted boards out there. Amazon alone has lots of great picks - just make sure you don’t go too low on the price, as the quality is likely to be quite subpar.

High-quality electric skateboards will allow you to go off-road, as well as hit top speeds. Carbon fiber boards are super nice, and many electric boards will offer dual motors, as well.

Meepo is one of the biggest brands of electric skateboard, but there are plenty of other brands who offer boards with high speeds, great specs, good battery pack life, and insanely great remote controls. If you’re a speed demon, it is likely very important for you to find an electric skateboard that has high maximum speeds.

Some boards offer regenerative braking, and hill climbing can also usually be done by any reputable electric skateboard. There are usually lots of riding modes to choose from, and there are also flexible decks out there - so don’t limit yourself.

Grip tape is also important when it comes to any skateboard, and this includes electric skateboards as well. Some models may offer BlueTooth, and charge time is another factor we also looked at.

If you care about smaller details, like belt drive, charger capacity, and whether or not your board is made with materials like Canadian maple - you should spend a large amount of time researching your board, before making a purchase. Most electric skateboard buyers aren’t as DIY, so any of the e-skateboards out there will usually work for them.

E-boards have exploded in popularity, though eskating is not really the same as using a traditional skateboard. High-performance boards are everywhere these days, and most boards come fully-equipped, with items like a lithium-ion battery, and solid maple wood construction.

You may also care about eco friendliness, as well as the mile range of your board (especially if you plan on commuting). There are a ton of great models and skateboard brands out there for electric boards, like: Backfire, Meepo V3, Wowgo, GTR, Backfire G2, Hiboy, Teamgee, Maxfind, Backfire Zealot, Exway, and more.

Some boards will have swappable parts, and almost all electric boards will provide a stable ride, that’s also stealth. Depending on your level of riding experience, you may want to choose a board with a more powerful motor - as well as a higher price tag.

Best Electric Skateboard

The Bottom Line On The Best Electric Skateboards

There you have it - everything there is to know about the best electric skateboards on the market today. We hope you learned something, and now you should be able to make a very well-informed buying decision.

We really loved testing these boards, and we know you'll love riding them. Be sure to check out some of our other guides, if you need other skateboard (or snowboard) gear. 🛹 🏂

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