Bringing A Snowboard On A Plane? Here's What To Know

Bringing A Snowboard On A Plane? Here's What To Know

We've all been there - you want to hit some new, awesome powder - but aren't sure if you can bring a snowboard on a plane. Today we dive into that topic, and answer all your questions.

While you can always rent a snowboard when you get to your destination - if you already have a favorite board, this is not ideal. So today we'll go over the answer to if you can bring a snowboard on a plane, and if so - what exactly to do.

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Can You Bring A Snowboard On A Plane

10 Best Snowboards + Accessories

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    System Mtn Snowboard Package
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    OutdoorMaster Helmet
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    Zionor X Goggles
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1. System MTN Men's Snowboard Package

If you want to get one item that will instantly get you started with snowboarding - this is the pick for you. This package is highly affordable, comes in at a low price point, and is backed by lots of great reviews.

Many reviewers have also noted how fast the delivery time was, so you can hop on a board in no time. While experts will likely want more than this package has to offer - for a beginner, this is a stellar choice.

2. OutdoorMaster Kelvin Ski Helmet

This great helmet will protect your dome on the slopes. You don't need to be doing backflips to need to stop your head from getting damaged - even a small fall can hurt you.

This helmet is very affordable, and will just as well for beginners, as it will for experts and novices. Highly recommended, and a truly unbeatable pick.

3. Zionor X Ski Goggles

These awesome goggles make it much easier to stay on the slopes all day. You'll notice the difference immediately, as the sun and snow will be much less bothersome with these goggles on.

They also come in a huge variety of colors. And the last great thing? They are extremely low priced, so you can get 10 pairs, and never worry about losing one, or damaging a pair on the powder.

4. SportsStuff Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard

Need an awesome, hardwood snowboard? Look no further, this is an excellent choice.

With plenty of great reviews, and an affordable price point - this is a great pick for any beginner snowboarders out there. While it may lack all the bells and whistles of expert, customized models - it's a great choice for anyone who is ready to hit the powder for the very first time. ☃️

5. Kuyou 3D Padded Shorts

These padded shorts will help keep your butt warm - and will also help protect against the inevitable falls that come with snowboarding. You will instantly notice the difference, once you start wearing them.

Falling in traditional snowboard gear will just feel 10 times worse, when compared to falling in these padded shorts. Another great pick, and a true essential for any serious snowboarder.

6. Zionor Lagopus H1 Snowboard Helmet

If you want an awesome snowboard helmet, this is a fantastic pick. It offers warmth, comfort, and durability.

It's also backed by a ton of epic, great reviews. While you can certainly spend more and get a fancier helmet - for most people, this is a perfect choice.

7. Arctix Premium Snowboard Pants

If you need snowboard pants that will help keep you warm all winter long - look no further. These pants are affordable, durable, and are backed by lots of great reviews.

While you can certainly spend more, we think these hit the sweep spot between affordability and quality. Highly recommended, and another great winter pick.

8. StoreYourBoard Minimalist Snowboard Display Rack

Need to display your snowboard(s) in a killer way? Check out this awesome display rack, and you'll be shocked at how good your boards will look.

While some of you may not have boards to display yet, or you just prefer keeping them in the garage - if you like to show off you gear, this is a great option. This rack is also backed by lots of killer reviews, so you know it's high quality.

9. Burton Covert Snowboard Jacket

Want a kick butt snowboard jacket? Grab this one, you won't be disappointed - it's backed by stellar reviews, and is pretty much indestructible.

Burton has been in the snowboarding game since basically the beginning, and it's easy to see why. They really hit it out of the park with this phenomenal jacket. 🏂

10. Burton Moto BOA Snowboard Boots

If you need killer boots for your snowboarding experience - look no further. Burton is a very reputable brand, and these boots show exactly why.

With great reviews, they are also very durable and long lasting. While you can certainly choose other snowboard boots, we highly recommend these.

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What Is A Snowboard?

A snowboard is just what it sounds like - a board that allows you to ride easily down a mountain full of snow. However, there is a little more to it than that - as snowboard will be specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of the peaks and valleys of the mountain.

    How Much Does It Cost To Bring A Snowboard On A Plane?

    If you want to bring a snowboard on a plane, you should be aware that it's not free - at a minimum, you'll be paying the standard airline checked baggage fee. After this, it depends on whether or not you are traveling with other items - no other checked bags will limit your costs, for example.

    Before you get on your flight, make sure you look at the specific airline you will be flying on. Different airlines have different policies, so be sure to ask them specifically what the cost may be for a rad board.

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    Can You Bring A Snowboard On A Plane

    Do I Need a Snowboard Bag to Fly?

    You don't technically need a snowboard bag to fly, but we definitely think it's a good idea. A bag will help protect your board, and it will also be very specifically designed to stop any issues you may have.

    Whether or not you need a snowboard bag at all, ultimately comes down to how often you will be transporting your board. If you hit the mountain every weekend, it's probably a worthwhile investment.

    If you only snowboard 5-6x a year - it may not be worth it to buy a snowboard bag. Really, the choice comes down to what is better for you, personally.

    Best Size For A Snowboard Bag

    While there is not one size that is best for everyone, there are some good recommendations for the right size of a snowboard bag. The real question is whether or not you want to carry other stuff in your snowboard bag as well.

    If you do, you'll need a bigger bag. If not, a smaller bag will work.

    If you have a bigger bag, you can also put other luggage in it - so a bigger bag is probably a wise investment. Again, be sure to check with the specific airline you're flying, to see what size and price limits there may be.

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    Can You Bring A Snowboard On A Plane

    What About Snowboard Bags With Wheels?

    This one is sort of a no-brainer - if you're going to go through the trouble of getting a snowboard bag, one with wheels is obviously preferable. The heavier your bag is (and bigger) - the more you're going to want wheels.

    While you can technically save a few dollars and opt for a snowboard bag without wheels - why would you want to? Lugging a heavy snowboard through an entire airport sounds terrible to us.

    Should I Get A Padded Snowboard Bag Or A Non-Padded One?

    There is little upside to a non-padded bag - it won't protect your board nearly as much, and the odds of your snowboard getting damaged go up substantially.

    A padded bag may cost a little more, but it will offer substantially more protection.

    The more expensive your board is, the more you'll want to protect it. We highly recommend going with a nice, padded snowboard bag, as it will be much better for you, especially in the long run.

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    Can You Bring A Snowboard On A Plane

    What Else To Look For In A Snowboard Bag

    There are many other factors to look at, when deciding on the right snowboard bag. When it comes to material, you'll want something tough and durable, ideally polyester, perhaps with some nylon mixed in.

    There are also various types of straps, and generally the stronger ones will be better. We don't recommend going with a cheap bag, as it will also likely have cheap straps - which are far more likely to break.

    You should also make sure your snowboard bag has great wheels - especially if you travel frequently. Cheap wheels might fall off, become damaged easily - or worse.

    How to Pack Your Snowboard Bag for Air Travel

    There are a variety of ways to best pack your snowboard bag for when you need to board a flight. Our favorite way is to simply jam everything into your snowboard bag, essentially.

    While 'jam' might be a bit aggressive, the goal here is really to get everything in just the one bag. It will make things much easier, and you won't have to worry about juggling multiple bags - a major stress reliever for traveling.

    The second method is to separate all your items out into different bags. We like to try using one bag for clothes, and another for our snowboard gear - this makes it simple and clean.

    Some fussy travelers may be a bit regimented about traveling, and even go so far as to label clothes and bags. While this may seem a bit crazy, it does have its upsides.

    You'll always know where things are, and you won't lose anything. However, the downside is that it takes much longer to pack and unpack.

    If you have a big trip - and/or a lot of snowboard gear, there is one more option. You can simply ship your stuff ahead, and have it arrive before you do.

    While this option is definitely the most expensive and time consuming - for some people it may indeed be worth it. Say you are spending a week snowboarding in Aspen.

    In this scenario, it may make more sense to ship everything ahead of time. Aspen is beautiful, and you're likely bringing a lot of stuff - so you can simply fly with a backpack, and let USPS handle the rest.

    Tips For How To Pack For A Snowboard Trip

    Overall, there are some extra tips for how to best pack for any snowboarding trip you take. We recommend organizing vertically, for instance.

    This means to separate your snowboard clothes on one end, and have your regular clothes on the other end. This will allow you to quickly find things, without any hassle.

    A stuff sack is another great idea, as it will give you a smaller bag to slip things into. Once you have a stuff sack inside your regular luggage, you'll be able to stay super organized - without hardly any effort.


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    Other Factors To Consider

    If you want to bring a snowboard on a plane, you should consider lots of different factors - perhaps most important is the airline baggage policy. If you want to bring carry-on luggage, you' may not need to do it at check-in.

    Sports equipment is commonly carried on to planes, and whether you’re riding Alaska Airline, Delta Air Line, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada, Air France, JetBlue, or another airline - they’re all used to having to check snowboard equipment (as well as ski equipment).

    Another factor that may determine how easy your trip is - concerns the combined weight of your luggage. If you have a ski bag, a pair of boots, a pair of skis, bindings - and more - you could easily be facing additional fees.

    Some airlines offer free checked bags, but be sure you don’t go over your checked baggage allowance. There are lots of airlines who will hit you with extra charges or extra fees, especially if you go over the maximum weight limit.

    You could be looking at paying oversize charges, oversize baggage fees, overweight charges, or just general overweight fees - if you don’t pay attention to your particular airlines guidelines. Sometimes it’s easier to put all your ski gear (or snowboard gear) in a separate bag, as experienced skiers will tell you - but you need to always pay attention to the weight restrictions, as well.

    Many airlines will measure in linear inches, so no matter what piece of luggage you are bringing, make sure you fit the linear dimensions for the airline. Ski trips have a little more stuff than surfing trips, but it can be just as much of a pain to bring surfboards on planes.

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    Can You Bring A Snowboard On A Plane

    The Bottom Line On Whether Or Not You Can Bring A Snowboard On A Plane

    There you have it - all the facts on whether or not you can bring a snowboard on your next flight. We hope you learned a few things, and on your next flight you won't have to wonder so much.

    There are millions of great places to snowboard in the world - don't limit yourself to just the United States. Whether it's Aspen, Iceland, or some other exotic locale - be sure to bring your favorite board. 🏂 ☃️

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