The Cost Of Snowboarding [A Complete, Gnarly Guide]

The Cost Of Snowboarding [A Complete, Gnarly Guide]

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These days, more and more people are wondering about the exact cost of snowboarding. This cost will vary, since you can go with a beginner board, a novice board, or a tricked-out advanced board.

However, we did a deep dive, and this article will explain everything you need to know about the cost of snowboarding - in great detail. So without further ado, let's dive right in.

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Cost Of Snowboarding 2

What Is A Snowboard?

A snowboard is much like a skateboard - it's a way to slide around on the ground - in this case covered in snow. The key differences being that a) you are locked in to a snowboard, and b) snowboards don't have wheels.

You can fly down the mountain going very fast, and if you are an expert snowboarder, you can even do tricks. However, much like beginner skateboarders - there is a steep learning curve going from a newbie to an expert.
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What Is The Cost Of Snowboarding?

Generally speaking, you're looking at around $1,000, start to finish - for buying a very beginner snowboard setup. If you go higher, you can easily hit $10,000.

However, if you are shredding the gnar all the time - this extra money is well spent. You'll have a sturdier board, which will handle better - as well as indestructible gear.

Here is a breakdown of a basic, complete, snowboarding setup:

Socks (Pair) - $30
Snowboard - $250
Gloves - $75
Pants - $100
Jacket - $200
Bindings - $100
Boots - $200
Goggles - $40
Thermal Pants & Shirt - $30

Of course - these are just estimates. If you're a beginner, you can likely get the price even lower, and buy used gear. This will usually save you a fortune.

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Cost Of Snowboarding 2

Finding The Right Accommodations

This can make your trip dirt cheap - or super expensive. If you stay at a tiny AirBNB - obviously the cost will be much lower, than at a 5 star resort.

However, in our experience - a 5 star resort is usually very worth it. Take for example, The Little Nell, in Aspen, Colorado.

It's over $1,000/night, sure - but what an experience. There are a ton of amenities, including multiple restaurants, in room dining, and a spa.

That certainly sounds better to us, than a dirty AirBNB. However, cost is obviously a factor - so stay wherever feels comfortable.

Snowboarding Lessons - What's The Cost?

If you're a complete beginner, we highly recommend taking snowboarding lessons. This will help you feel much more comfortable on a board, and will make the transition much easier.

If you are going and trying to learn on your own from scratch - you are very likely to fall - a lot. A snowboarding instructor will make this much less likely - and also offer the added benefit of telling you what exactly you're doing wrong.

Snowboard lessons usually cost between $100 for 2 lessons, to $500 for 1 lesson. This price difference comes from how experienced you are, how experienced / renowned how your instructor is, and how long the lessons will be.

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Cost Of Snowboarding

Are Snowboarding Lessons Worth It?

In our opinion, snowboarding lessons are definitely worth it. They're inexpensive, will shorten the time where you're falling and getting a sore butt - and are a fast way to learn the basics.

Unless you're going for Olympic gold, as you get more advanced, it's probably not worth it to continue the snowboarding lessons. Not only do they become insanely expensive - the benefit you'll get from them may begin to lessen.

What Does The Average Snowboard Cost?

Snowboarding is definitely more expensive than skateboarding, so be prepared to spend a mint if you want to get really good. A beginner board will cost about $250, so expect to spend at least that amount.

Keep in mind that this price is for a very basic snowboard - a good beginner board will cost substantially more. A nice beginner board from Burton, usually runs about $450.

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Cost Of Snowboarding

How To Choose A Snowboard

There are a number of different types of snowboards, which will vary depending on what your objective is. If you want to ride the rails, go through powder, or do hammer chutes - those activities will all benefit from specifically-designed boards.

Here are the main factors that matter, when it comes to how to choose a snowboard.

Snowboard Shape - If you want to do pipes and parks, go for a true twin board. If you want to do some fast carving - a directional board will be better.

Snowboard Length - If you're worried about the length of your board, try standing it on its tail, and the board should come up to your chin (or nose). There are also specific charts with sizes, as well as ones that even factor in your precise weight.

Snowboard Camber And Rocker - These confusing terms help determine how fast you might go. So if you want a board that rides well on soft snow, you should go with a flat/rocker board - or a camber/rocker.

If you want to go fast on specifically groomed runs, there are other options. In this scenario, a cambered board is usually the best choice.

Types Of Snowboards - There are splitboards, freestyle boards, powder boards, and all-mountain boards. Obviously the type of terrain you'll be snowboarding on, matters a lot here.

Snowboard Width - This is one very important factor. Don't overhang your boots too much, as they will end up dragging on the snow - instead, opt for a board where your boots extend just past the edges of the board.

The Best Clothing And Equipment For Snowboarding

Before you even hit the mountain, you'll need to buy the right safety gear, as well as the right clothing (to stay warm). Unlike skateboarding, you can't really snowboard in just anything.

You'll need goggles, gloves, bindings, a helmet, snowboard pants, and warm socks and underwear. This stuff is not cheap - especially if you go for high quality.

Expect to spend a few thousand dollars here, if you want anything above the most basic gear. There is also a pretty big difference between a cheap snowboarding jacket, and a top-of-the-line one - so invest wisely.

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Cost Of Snowboarding

Food And Drinks During Snowboard Stay

If you stay at a 5 star resort, things will be pricey here. You will be looking at every meal being either in a 5 star restaurant, or room service delivered right to your door.

The resorts will also take advantage of you during the busy season, and charge more, for the same items. So if you really want to save money, opt for an off-season stay.

Is Buying A Snowboard Worth It?

Yes, we think it is. Not only will you have your own individual board, you won't have to rack up rental fees. Even if you go a mere 5-6 times - the board will have likely paid for itself.

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Cost Of Snowboarding

The Cons Of Buying A Snowboard

-Cost is the main one here. If you are on a tight budget, or not sure you'll stick with it - buying a snowboard is probably not worth it.

The Pros Of Buying A Snowboard

-There are many benefits associated with buying a snowboard. Firstly, you'll have an easier time learning and riding - since you'll have the same board.

-You can also choose a board that's custom fitted to your size, as well as weight.

-You also won't have to go to a rental shop to get a board, every time you head to the mountain.

-You can also choose a board that's specific to your style - whether that's freestyle, or something else entirely.

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Cost Of Snowboarding

The Cons Of Renting A Snowboard

-The main one here, is cost. It will really add up, over time, to rent a board. It is significantly less expensive to buy a snowboard, if you go more than even a few times, to shred the gnar.

-Additionally, you also need to visit a shop to rent a board, every single time you go to the mountain, if you don't have your own board.

-You are very unlikely to get a high-quality board, which makes it much harder to learn and progress your skills.

-You are likely to get a wrong-sized board, or one that doesn't meet your particular needs.

The Other (Hidden) Costs For Snowboarding

-Mittens And / Or Gloves - These can be surprisingly pricey, especially if you opt for high quality. Low quality gloves or mittens will be cheap - but usually for a reason.

You will want waterproof gloves or mittens, and you definitely should opt for material that is extremely warm. You could be up on the mountain for 5-6 hours - so staying warm is absolutely crucial.

-Snowboard Boots - Boots are surprisingly important - they are crucial to your snowboard experience. You don't want cold feet, horrible grip, or anything painful going on.

-Snowboard Bindings - You will want to find bindings that fit your boots, and aren't incompatible with your board. Bindings are usually the hidden problem with lots of snowboarding setups, in actuality.

-Base And Layers For Snowboarding - This is another hidden cost. You'll need breathable fabric, as well as something waterproof.

Cost Of Snowboarding

Why Is Gear For Snowboarding So Expensive?

The main reason here, is the thickness and warmth of the appropriate gear. This is not one area, however, where you want to skimp on quality.

Is It Cheaper To Snowboard Or Ski?

Honestly, both skiing and snowboarding are expensive pursuits. Snowboarding is slightly less expensive, but not by much.

Skiing will require poles, boots, skis, bindings - plus the equipment is usually a lot more complicated, which means it's more expensive. However, they're not that different in price than snowboarding - so the difference in cost is negligible.

Skiing is very popular as well, but snowboarding seems to be a little more popular with the younger generations. We think snowboarding is also a little easier to learn, but that's neither here nor there.

Cost Of Snowboarding

5 Beginner Snowboarding Accessories

1. Burton Men's Covert Snowboard Jacket

This awesome jacket is very high quality, and Burton is known for their awesome snowboarding gear. If you want to look stylish while riding the slopes, this is a perfect choice.

2. Salomon Rhythm Men's Snowboard Bindings

These awesome bindings are perfect for a beginner. They won't break the bank, but they also won't break easily - making them a perfect choice for almost every newbie rider.

3. OutdoorMaster Snowboard Goggles

These affordable goggles have a ton of great reviews. If you want to start snowboarding, make sure you grab these - you won't be disappointed.

4. System Timeless And Summit Complete Men's Snowboard Package

This complete package is a great choice for beginners. You won't need to buy much more, and this will arrive to your door ready to go - meaning you can hit the mountain even sooner than usual.

5. Oakley Adult Snowboarding Helmet

This awesome snowboarding helmet from Oakley is the perfect mix of quality and price. We loved wearing it, and the helmet is also very solid - not to mention backed by a ton of great reviews.

Other Factors To Consider

Women’s boards will be just as costly as men’s, though there may be some changes in price between all mountain snowboards and freeride snowboards. If it’s your first time riding, you may be better off renting a snowboard, rather than buying a new snowboard.

Brands like Arbor, Lib Tech, Capita, Bataleon, Rossignol, Nitro, and Burton will all make solid freestyle snowboards. Amazon also has great snowboarding gear available, just be sure to avoid items that are too low in quality.

No matter what your riding style is, there are a number of snowboard brands out there that will work for you, no matter what price range you’re talking about. Snowboard equipment (at least high quality stuff), will always cost a good amount, especially if you go with brands like Backcountry or GNU.

No matter what snowboard size you are looking for, there is something out there for you. With the advent of the internet, there are more choices than ever before, actually.

Cost Of Snowboarding

The Bottom Line On The Cost Of Snowboarding

There you have it - all the ins and outs of the cost of snowboarding. You can rent a board if you want to save money, but buying a board is a much better long term plan.

There are also many hidden costs associated with snowboarding - things that you may not think about at first glance. Make sure you get warm enough gear, pants that are solid and thick - and a board that won't break.

If you are a skier, surfer, or snowboarder - you will likely have a much easier time learning to snowboard. You can get your feet on the mountain and be shredding much faster - compared to those who have never ridden on any type of board.

If you live in a climate where it is too cold to skateboard year-round - add snowboarding to your arsenal. It will be something entirely new to learn, and it will also likely help you with your skateboarding game.

If you want to progress your skills, you should take snowboarding lessons. While they may not be worth it after the first few, they will be worth it to get your boots on the ground.

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